LA Clippers vs. Toronto Raptors Preseason Game

Aloha Everyone,

On October 1st, Never Quit Dreaming (NQD) attended the LA Clippers vs Toronto Raptors preseason game.   It was an out of this world experience because Hawaii does not have a professional sports team.  As the crowd roared with team spirit, the arena shook with chants of the two teams. The squad from NQD  enjoyed the sporting event, activities, and food.  However, there were major complications with entering the Stan Sheriff Center.  With thousands of people arriving for the anticipation of the game , they were greeted by a two-door entrance.  For some, it was nearly an hour and a half wait to get in.  Many fans missed the entire first half of the game.  Funny enough, those who weren’t inside watching the game directly were watching the game using their cellphones.

            The game ended with the score 113 Clippers and 121 Raptors, both teams played with heart and it showed. The game-deciding factor was the fourth quarter, where the Raptors established an eight-point lead and never looked back. The chance to attend an NBA game was more than I could ask for as an intern for NQD.  The smiles on the families faces was a memory that I will remember for a long time.

Content provided by: Niko Sumbillo